About Pair a Gardens

Certified organic vegetables

Pair A Gardens is a certified organic vegetable farm located in Ottawa’s south-west end (Ashton).  We love to cook and try new dishes so we grow what we enjoy to eat and what grows well on our farm.  This translates into fresh, great tasting vegetables, which we want others to enjoy.  You can find us at the farmers markets, drop by our farm stand or subscribe to one of our weekly or bi-weekly basket subscriptions.


We are very hands on from planting the organic seeds, and several transplants,  to the garden for the final stage of growth and harvest. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction growing healthy and tasty veggies so you'll likely see us smiling when you to come to visit and see for yourself where your goodness comes from.

Knowing how food is grown is important and because of this we are certified organic with Ecocert Canada.

Pasture-raised chickens

We sell eggs from pasture-raised chickens.  What does that mean?  Our chickens have a coop, actually horse stalls, and have full access to the outdoors.  They venture throughout the farm but always come back to the barn at night. 


In the winter they tend to hang out in the barn more but we do see them on warm days walking through the snow.  All our birds eat certified organic feed and lots of treats.

Summer vegetable basket