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Spinach is almost here!!

Spinach is one vegetable we can't wait to start growing. To me, fresh baby spinach is like the perfect cheese curd. It has a squeaky feel and meaty taste. This means getting spinach as fresh as possible.

We eat a lot of spinach and even blanch and freeze for the winter months. Right now as we plant spinach for this coming season, we are still eating it from our 2017 fall harvest. There may be still snow on the ground but we are busy seeding spinach for the upcoming season. 4 Great Danes and 10k baby plants has its challenges but as Al always says: "We are Gardeners and Great Dane owners from way back."

I am no Popeye the sailor man

Don't like spinach. No idea what to do with it.

Before I met Al I never cooked. My idea of making a meal was to put potatoes and onions in tin-foil with a huge chunk of butter and a good shake of Montreal steak spice together. If the wild asparagus was up, I would chop a few in. Spinach was something my dad grew and many times it would just go to seed, never being picked.

The man in green can eat your fridge clean.

Al loves to eat and sometimes I wonder who eats more? Al, the Great Dane or the goats? Our third summer together I decided to grow vegetables I had seen Al eat at restaurants and at friends' places. What I hadn't thought through was how do they make those recipes? I don't know how to cook.

Google and The Food Network

How will I survive in the kitchen without Google?

That summer the garden exploded with vegetables and we were getting very tired of potatoes, onions, peppers, zucchini, eggplant and any other ripening vegetable with butter in tin-foil. So we started googling recipes, took up juicing briefly and became avid viewers of the Food Network. Some recipes were great, some were awful and all were memorable. Word to the wise anything with juiced zucchini will taste like death.

Get Inspired

Getting back to spinach. We have accumulated a lot of good recipes using spinach. A year ago I took up drinking a green smoothie a day. I cannot say enough good things about the health benefits I have experienced since starting this habit. Get inspired. Try adding spinach to your diet.

Two great recipes we enjoy using spinach:

Peach Mango Cream Green Smoothie -

Spinach Shrimp Florentine with Zoodles -

Good luck!

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